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Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2009
Nothing like a holiday event to kick my ass into gear to play WoW again. Before Hallows End I hadn’t played at all, now I’m full of energy and excitement to play.  True, it was an effort to actually get around to playing, as before I was getting kind of bored with the game. But no longer! Now, I am revitalized.

I’ve also realized that Hallows End is my least favorite holiday of the year, solely because of how stupidly hard the achievement is. I mean, making a huge achievement that takes an entire year to complete rely on not just one, but three low drop rate items? C’mon Blizz, not fair. I now have everything but the pet and the helm, but they just might be the reason I have to wait a whole 2nd year to get my violet proto drake. /cry. (Although I did get this little thing, which did cheer me up immensely.

Hallowed Helm

Scary right?

In other news, I’m getting as much stuff done as I can on Drazmor now, as my playtime on him will be severely diminished in a few weeks. Why? A friend of mine is coming back to WoW, and since he wants to keep no ties to his old WoW memories, he’s rerolling a horde hunter until Cataclysm and the Worgen arrive. And since I’m leveling a Horde along with him, my Drazmor love will be a littlebare for a while. (And of course, I really should think about getting my hunter to 80 withing the next year.) But one of the bonuses to furiously working on Drazmor is this:

Strand Crawler

Took me long enough...

That makes 57 pets, and counting. And with the squashling and the Onyxia pet, that will make 59. Baby deer pet here I come!


Helloo WordPress!

September 27, 2009
Yesss! The move is done! Helloo WordPress! That was a long time coming. (Way too long.) It may not be the best name, but at least it’s neutral, and doesn’t lean towards 1 class, which is a stupid idea, unless you actually mean it to blog mostly about that class. But it’s all sorted now, it’s all good, and I’m ready to start blogging again,  as I’ve got back into the midset of orginising my day, seeing as I don’t have all the time i the world to do whatever I want anymore. And I can now post pictures!!! And to kick off that, I think I’ll go with this:
Isn't he pwetty?

Isn't he pwetty?

I can finally be one of those people who ride around in IF making newbs jealous and think: ‘How in gods name do I get that uber mount?’