Just a lil’ explanation of what my ui looks like.

Red: SpartanUI: I love this addon. It’s awesome. For those used to using a super minimalist ‘pinprick’ ui, it might seem like it takes up too much space, but seeing as I’ve been born and raised on the standard Blizzard UI, I’m fine with it. In fact, the lack of minimap and health bar at the top of the screen, it seem’s quite open to me. The only problem I have with it is it doesn’t display my buffs and debuffs above my healthbar like xperl does.  It does it for my pet, but not my character. Seems a bit stupid to me.

Blue: SexyMap: This just makes my ui look that much better, and overall just makes the minimap more sleek. It’s got lot’s of different themes, all sexy, and it hides all those buttons around the minimap until you mouse over them. Much recommended. Doesn’t use up that much space either.

Green: DMiniCoords: Everybody needs a coord addon. It’s so much harder to use things like Wowhead otherwise.

Purple: PowerAuras: I love powerauras. It’s saved my but more times than I can count. For those not familiar with the addon, powerauras puts a big shiny picture in front of your character when certain conditions are not met. For example, when your target doesn’t have serpent sting on it. That way, you realize how much of an idiot you are and put serpent sting on it. ( For more info, go see BigRedKitty’s video on PowerAuras.)

Black: ScrollingCombatText: It’s like the standard combat text in the game, but bigger, better, shinier, and it displays more things. (Like when of your abilities procs. Personally, I think having ‘Art of War’ appear in the middle of my screen is much easier than having to watch 1 corner of my screen, waiting for the buff to appear.)

Beige: Quartz:  It shows my casting bars, how much longer effects are going to stay on the target, and stuff like that. (If I had been casting a spell at the time, there would have been a large colourful cast bar on my screen. Sadly, at lvl 36, nearly all of a hunter’s attacks are instant cast.)

Not Pictured: –Vuhdo: It’s very hard to heal without a healing addon, and Vuhdo is my favourite out of them. It arranges your group onto a panel showing you their health lvls, and you just have to click on their name to heal them. You assign spells to buttons to click on your party members names. (Saying that, Vuhdo works best with a 4+ button mouse. It can be done with lower, but requires heavy use of the ctrl/shift keys.) It also shows helpful stuff such as if you’re out of range, if a members been cursed/diseased, and any spells you might currently have on them, like sacred shield. (I’ll try and get a Vuhdo pic soon, but to do that I need to go into an instance with my Pally, and I don’t feel up for instancing right now.)

Recount: It’s always nice to know what dps you’re churning out so you don’t get called a nub for running into a heroic with 900dps.

Gearscore: Yes, I use the dreaded gearscore. For those not in the know, gearscore takes a persons gear when you mouse over them, converts into a number for you to tell you what lvl of gear they’ve got. For example, most people ask for 5000+gs to get into high end raids these days. I’m not the guy who bitches when I’ve got a guy with a low gs in my party. The only reason I use gearscore is to find out roughly what stage in the gearing process they are. For example, if I find someone with sub3000gs, thats probably a newly dinged 80. 3500-4500gs? Brobaly just starting heroics. 5000+? Either a raider, or he’s been emblem farming for a loong time.

Gathermate: Gathermate records when ever you grab a mining node/herb/gas cloud and put’s it on your map, so you know that that’s a mining node/herb/gas cloud spawn point. It’s pretty simple.

Gathermate_Data: This is simply a database dump for gathermate. Basically that means it takes all the recorded mining node/herb/gas cloud spawns by everyone using gathermate and gives them to you. Abd with that many people using gathermate, that basically means you have a map record of every mining node/herb/gas cloud/whatever in the game.

Routes: Routes takes all your data from gathermate_data and orginises a route for you to follow to grab all the whatever you’re farmig in the zone. That means it’s great for us greedy farmers. (If you want a more detailed explanation on routes and farming addons, I suggest you go visit BigBearButtBloggers article on it.)

Lightheaded: Lightheaded his probably my 2nd favourite addon after SpartanUI. What it does is add a 3rd panel to your quest log, and gives you ingame access to comments on that quest from wowhead. No more alt-tabbing to find if someone commented on where the hell do I finish this quest? Now you can do it quickly and easily ingame!

Mountiful: This addon selects a random mount for me everytime i mount up. All you need to do with the addon is create a macro that says /mount *name of mountiful category*. It works for all categories of mounts, even pets! Perfect for a mount/pet collector like me!


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