Obsessed with Dailies

I don’t know why. but lately I’ve been obessed with doing dailes. For the first time in, I think ever, I’ve hit the 25daily limit-and was sad because I wanted to do more dailies.

Maybe it’s because I’ve decided I’m dedicated to getting epic fling/Crusader title before Cataclysm. Maybe it’s because I promised myself I would get the sparkle pony only when I got epic flying. (A little incentive :P) I just don’t know. But whatever it is, dailies are all I’ve been doing this week so far. It’s weird.

I’m not even doing any instances, either. Usually I do my dailies and shtuff waiting in LFD for a group. (Queue up as dps and you’re guaranteed a nice long wait in which to dailies.) But no, it seems instances would distract me from my money-making dailies spree. (Btw, Drazmor is at 2500g right now, so I’m guessing I’ll have epic flying sometime in may.)

(Big post is coming soon, don’t worry! It’s just setting the stuff up needed for it is really boring and takes a long time. *Sigh*)


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