Jousting… It sucks amirite?

I hate it. I despise jousting. It’s not the valiants, I’m fine with them, but the champion jousts are just terrible. I think it’s because my jousting strategy is a bit ‘turtlely’. I just melee until the guy turns away for a charge, then I charge him in the back. Rinse and repeat. THe problem with that is that some champion jousts drag into nearly 5-6min. That’s 20min a day just jousting champions. I couldn’t do it anymore.

But never fear! Finally, in the very end of WotLK, months after the content came out, I’ve finally made a good strategy for jousting! Huzzah!

To get my strategy, you need to understands how the champions work. Basically, this is how npc jousters joust: ‘melee many times. After a certain amount of time, run away to try and charge opponent. Repeat.’ But the key thing is, during the melee phase, they will only renew their shields once. So if you hit them twice, then they’ve gone down a shield. (If you just hit them once, you basically do nothing to them, as they’re back up to the same number of shields very quickly.) Now, you could do the ole’ ‘charge, spin around then shield bash’, but I don’t like that method. It’s too unreliable. Sometimes you’re too close to shield bash, sometimes the enemy charges you as you’re turning if your circle is too wide, any number of things could happen.

My new method is to just shield bash twice. The cooldown is slower, (I know charge and shield bash have the same cooldown, but charge has that whole thing where you have to turn around after before you can do anything, wasting precious time.) and it’s easier to fit two of them in.

So my new strategy is this:

-melee constantly.

-when the mob turns away to charge you, sheild bash, then run forward so you’re too close to be charged, and shield bash again.

-rinse and repeat

By about the 3rd or 4th repetition, (depending on whether you get off 2 shield bashes when the battle 1st starts, sometimes there’s no time, seeing as those douchebag champions can instantly turn and charge you… *grumble*) your opponent should be on 0/1 shield permemently. Unless you screw up the rotation, which sets you back a repetition or two.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but some champions seem to be better at certain things than others. For example, it seems to me that Darnassus champions can turn and charge ridiculously fast. Sometimes before I even get 1 shield bash off. Also, it seems they can shield bash either instantly or mid –charge. There’s been a few times where I get my as handed to me by Darnassus Champions. So to play it safe, I only ever fight Stormwind, Exodar, Ironforge, and Undercity champions.

And remember, this strategy will be absolutely useless against other players, as they can renew shields as much as they desire. But that doesn’t matter, because who jousts other players anyway?


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