The Return

Finally! I’m back! After months of no internet and no WoW, I’m finally back! Ah, it feels good to post again. Hell, it feels goof to play again! I was beginning to think I would miss the beginning of Cataclysm, and I do love the atmosphere of the beginning of an expansion.

But with nearly 5 months of missed playtime, I’ve got to get to work if I want to be ready for Cataclysm!

  • Cataclysm to-do list
  • – Level up my draenei hunter to at least 60.
  • My poor abandoned hunter has sat at lvl 38 for some time now, and I really would like to experience leveling up azeroth just one more time before Cata hits.
  • – Farm Emblems to buy heirlooms for my worgen.
  • I still need quite a few to get my worgen fully kitted out before Cata.

-Level up my blood elf warlock to at least 60

Seeing as I’ve never actually experienced vanilla wow horde side, I really should get cracking on this one. It would be nice to get him to 80 before this fall, but after 60, I’m in no rush, as BC and WotLK content isn’t changing a bit.

-Get all those delicious Argent Tournament pets and mounts and such!

Ok, this one isn’t strictly needed to be done before Cata, but if I don’t, it’ll become a huge hassle, because I have to travel all the way to Northrend, which is now a ghost town, then all the way to the tourney grounds, then do boring WotLK dailies, every day. It will be like the Kurenai are for me now, and basically become a huge pain in the ass that I will keep putting off except for when I have nothing to do and I’m waiting for a random instance.

-Get Drazmor epic flying!

I’ve got no excuses, I really need to get cracking on this one.

So that’s all for now folks, everything is (hopefully) working again, and so I will be posting regularly again now.


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