Happy Halloween!

Nothing like a holiday event to kick my ass into gear to play WoW again. Before Hallows End I hadn’t played at all, now I’m full of energy and excitement to play.  True, it was an effort to actually get around to playing, as before I was getting kind of bored with the game. But no longer! Now, I am revitalized.

I’ve also realized that Hallows End is my least favorite holiday of the year, solely because of how stupidly hard the achievement is. I mean, making a huge achievement that takes an entire year to complete rely on not just one, but three low drop rate items? C’mon Blizz, not fair. I now have everything but the pet and the helm, but they just might be the reason I have to wait a whole 2nd year to get my violet proto drake. /cry. (Although I did get this little thing, which did cheer me up immensely.

Hallowed Helm

Scary right?

In other news, I’m getting as much stuff done as I can on Drazmor now, as my playtime on him will be severely diminished in a few weeks. Why? A friend of mine is coming back to WoW, and since he wants to keep no ties to his old WoW memories, he’s rerolling a horde hunter until Cataclysm and the Worgen arrive. And since I’m leveling a Horde along with him, my Drazmor love will be a littlebare for a while. (And of course, I really should think about getting my hunter to 80 withing the next year.) But one of the bonuses to furiously working on Drazmor is this:

Strand Crawler

Took me long enough...

That makes 57 pets, and counting. And with the squashling and the Onyxia pet, that will make 59. Baby deer pet here I come!


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